Holy Family Catholic School offers daily classes in Physical Education for all grade levels (Pre-K to 5th Grade), along with opportunities for free play at recess and a structured athletic program for grades 4-5.  Membership in the Diocese of Corpus Christi Parochial Sports League provides our students the opportunity to participate in fall volleyball and spring basketball. The object is not only to be competitive, but also to provide all interested students with the opportunity to be part of a “team” and learn about good sportsmanship. 

Our coaches volunteer their time and talent to help our students learn the rules of the game and to practice sportsmanship. The coaches determine the teams and the amount of playing time each player receives.

It is very important that we, as parents, students, and teachers, support our teams and coaches with enthusiasm, encouragement and good examples.


Students must have the permission of his/her parent to be eligible to play in any sport that is sponsored by the school.
Students must have medical clearance in order to participate in any team sport.
Students must meet a “C” or better average in all classes in order to participate in a team sports.
Failure to meet academic standards may result in a student being placed on probation from the team. Students may be removed from the sport if there is no improvement in their academic performance.
Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the sport in which they participate.
Students that are absent from school WILL NOT be allowed to participate in any sport that afternoon.