Vision & Mission

Holy Family Catholic School

PreK3 – 5th Grade



Mission Statement

The mission of Holy Family Catholic School is to live the Gospel values and create a safe and loving environment where students learn spiritually, academically, socially, and physically, in an attitude of service to the community.


Vision Statement

Our Catholic faith, which is guided by the Holy Spirit, seeks to form morally conscious, scholarly, and productive students in our community.

Our Core Values

In pursuit of its mission, Holy Family Catholic School is guided by five core values.  These values include…….

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Respect for others
  • Responsibility
  • Service


We will

  • Develop the capacity to love and forgive others
  • Celebrate and honor the contributions of others
  • Understand the viewpoint and circumstance of our peers
  • Promote peace in a caring and faithful environment


We will

  • Stand up for our faith and what we believe
  • Strive to be honest with ourselves and others
  • Demonstrate fair judgement in our actions
  • Fulfill commitments and promises


We will

  • Strive to believe in the inherent dignity of all people
  • Celebrate individuality and value and appreciate diversity
  • Honor others and ourselves through word, action, and deed


We will

  • Strive to take ownership of our behavior as individuals and children of faith
  • Have the courage to make decisions and act independently
  • Demonstrate problem solving decision making skills
  • Show reliability and trustworthiness


We Will

  • Seek positive ways to contribute to the wider community
  • Help others by sharing our time and talents
  • Pursue active roles in service opportunities in our school, church, and community


The outcome of establishing a set of core values for Holy Family Catholic School, is the hope and expectation that these values will be reflected and modeled for the betterment of our school community of faith and the wider community.